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Princess Party tomorrow!

The Scripture Princesses Launch Party is tomorrow!

Saturday, September 5


Provo Library Academy Building, Bullock Room 309


You can go up the front Academy stairs for the grand entrance, or around the sides like normal for the library.

It’s in this room on the third floor!



Hope to see you there!


Scripture Princesses Shareables

For the Scripture Princesses Blog Tour, I created shareable graphics for the bloggers to post with their reviews. Here is all of them, all together.

I hope you’ll find them inspirational.


These are the portraits of the women from the chapter beginnings in Scripture Princesses. The book itself is black and white with ink drawings, but I wanted these to be in color. I created these by first adjusting the line color of each portrait in photoshop and printing them onto cardstock with our inkjet printer that has waterproof ink. Cardstock isn’t the best paper to be painting on, but it’ll go through a desktop printer, so it’s a compromise.


I watercolored each portrait, focusing on being fast and loose, and using a mostly two color scheme for each.






This one of Mary Magdalene isn’t from the chapter head, but instead from the illustration where she sees the risen Christ and realizes who he is. My chapter-head portrait of her is sad, so I chose to paint her graphic from this happy scene.



Because cardstock isn’t meant for watercoloring, after I let each one dry, I put it under a pile of heavy books for the night to flatten down all the curling. It worked decently.

Here’s them all laid out in their pretty painted glory:


I wish I had thought of flattening under books as I was creating my 114 page graphic novel Together, which is also watercolored on cardstock. I used cardstock then because it was cheap and easy. 🙂 I was unemployed or under-employed through a lot of the creation of that comic in 2008-2010.

Together can read in it’s entirety here.


I hope many people will enjoy these! They can be pinned, shared, and if you click on them, they are sized for a decent print-out for a small poster.

Scripture Princess Party!


If you are local to Utah, join me for a PRINCESS PARTY this Saturday!

Come dressed as your favorite princess (scripture or fairy tale)!
There will be coloring, tiara-making, and a costume contest!

Bring your copy of Scripture Princesses to be signed and sketched in by the author, or buy one at the party.

Saturday, September 5, 2015, from 1:00pm – 3:00pm

At the Provo Library Academy Building
Bullock Room (room 309)
Provo Library at Academy Square
550 N University Ave, Provo, Utah 84601 (map)
Next Week · 83°F / 53°F Clear
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Provo Library
550 N University Ave, Provo, Utah 84601

Sign up for the Facebook Event and invite your friends!

Or add it to your Google Calendar!

FREE Coloring Page: Sariah

Readalot has posted a lovely review of Scripture Princesses!

Here’s a downloadable and printable coloring page from the book Scripture Princesses, available now!

Sariah at the Tree of Life


Click to Download, (1 MB JPG)

Nephi, Lehi, Sariah, and Sam at the Tree of Life, a scene from Lehi’s Dream from 1 Nephi 8 in the Book of Mormon, retold in Chapter 8: Sariah in Scripture Princesses.



Click to find out more about the book!

FREE Coloring Page: Lucy Mack Smith

Scripture Princesses is featured in this lovely article on Chicken Scratch ‘n Sniff: Who’s Your Scripture Hero?
What a great idea to help bring the scriptures alive for your children- creating LDS scripture heroes!


Here’s a downloadable and printable coloring page from the book Scripture Princesses, available now!

Lucy Mack Smith bursts into young Joseph’s leg surgery


Click to Download, (942 KB JPG)

A scene from Lucy Mack Smith’s life, retold in Chapter 15: Lucy Mack Smith in Scripture Princesses.

Also, a shareable!



Click to find out more about the book!