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Painted Embroidery: Blue Mandala

I really like mandalas. They are lovely and ornate, but rather relaxing to create.Blue_mandala_paintedemboidery_side

Free motion machine embroidery and watercolor on watercolor canvas, stretched in a 6 in. embroidery hoop.

I didn’t use the hoop while embroidering this however, because embroidery hoops sadly don’t fit under my normal sewing machine’s needle. Instead, I stiffen the canvas with machine embroidery stabilizer so I can move it around easily.

This piece is available for sale in my Etsy shop.

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Embroidered Purple Pegasus

Last year, I discovered free motion machine embroidery, and it fascinated me immediately. Free motion embroidery combines my love of textiles with my love of art and drawing. It’s like drawing with your sewing machine needle,  you move the “paper” (the fabric) while the “pen” (the needle) stays still.

It’s unusual, it’s tricky, and it’s fun! After some stops and starts, I’ve managed to finish some nice pieces, and I’m excited to unveil the first one.

Purple Pegasus


Watercolor and freemotion machine embroidery on canvas. 10 in x 6 in. (Click for larger.)

This original piece of art is available for sale! Purchase here on etsy.

Some in-process shots: