“Moon and Star Stories” is an online compilation of original stories in comic/graphic novel format, written and illustrated by Rebecca J. Greenwood. Each features fantasy, science fiction, family, romance, or a combination of the four.

The Stories

The Baron Family Adventures, #1: Half-time – High school woes and involuntary transformations. 39 pages, complete.

Lizzy and the Goblin – Lizzy encounters a goblin in the wood. 13 pages, complete.

Together – A young woman struggles to survive in a war-torn, besieged city. 114 pages, complete.

Earth-Rooted – A romantic scifi drama. 21 pages, complete.

Dogwood Blossoms – An Inuyasha fancomic. 75 pages, incomplete.

Damon and Pythias – Storyboard adaption of the Greek legend. 95 panels, complete.

Purple – My first attempt at a webcomic! 34 pages, incomplete.




Rebecca J. Greenwood is a Utah-based author, multi-media artist, comic creator, and designer.

I grew up in Texas as the oldest of six, and studied Visual Art with a Music minor at Brigham Young University. I work as a graphic designer, and also write fiction and illustrate. I love stories in all forms.

I’m married to a wonderful husband who makes me very happy. I listen to audiobooks, cook experimentally, have an interest in alternative health, and always have a new project in mind.

More of my writing and artwork can be found on my main site: http://rebeccajgreenwood.com