Scripture Princesses all thumbnailed

On Saturday, I marathon thumb-nailed my entire book!

Princess_in_Black_51VVxSLVDtLIt took around eight hours, with me moving between pleasantly empty restaurants, the park where I got too much sun, and the library every few hours. At the library I caught the end of a lovely soprano recital, and read Shannon Hale and company’s The Princess in Black, which is completely adorable.

The final Scripture Princesses book will have around 100 illustrations.

Generally, thumbnails are the most thought and labor intensive part of my process. But since I’d finished all the writing, and had mocked up the lay out of my book, my thumbnails were mostly choosing which scenes needed pictures the most, and roughing out quickly what happens in each scene.

scripture_princesses_initial_thumbnailMy initial thumbnails are barely legible, rather like my handwriting. But I know what I mean by them. Right now, most are flat people-talking-to-people, so next I’ll work on composition to try to get depth and interest in each illustration.

Who do you think this rough sketch is of? Impossible to tell, eh?

It will be Adam and Eve and their family after the Garden.


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