Beauty’s Rose

Beauty’s Rose

Once Upon A Regency Series, Book 4

Marry me, Beauty.
He forced the words back, did not speak them.

William, Duke of Rosden, left half-blind by a childhood illness, longs for a wife who will cherish him. He hopes the lovely girl he met while in disguise as a common laborer is the right one for him, but he has gone about pursuing her in all the wrong ways.

Isabelle “Beauty” Reynolds, the youngest daughter of a once-prosperous London merchant, has little left except her devotion to her family. Because of a pilfered rose, her father has angered the powerful Duke of Rosden. To appease the duke’s demands, Beauty travels to his castle to work as a scullery maid. 

When Beauty arrives, she is shocked to discover the scarred and reclusive duke has a familiar face. But how can she trust a man who would destroy her father’s life over a rose?

Fall in love with the damaged duke in this sweet Regency retelling of Beauty and the Beast.

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