Regency Romance by Rebecca J. Greenwood

Ashton Brides Series

Four of the Ashton siblings find love in the course of one year.

Book 1

Lord Daniel rushes to rescue childhood love the only way he can: through a proposal of marriage.

Book 2

Through Summer's Light, Regency romance

Lady Florentia is fascinated by a most unsuitable older gentleman.

Newest Release!

Book 3

Fall 2023

The younger man who stole Lady Cassandra’s first kiss has grown up to be handsome, charming, and still interested.

Book 4


The dowry of a timid lady who proposes to Lord Kentworth by letter could solve all his financial problems.

Beauty & the Beast Retelling

Because of a pilfered rose, Beauty must stay with the scarred and reclusive Duke of Rosden.

The Darkest Season Series

The Scottish Duke of Blackdale and his siblings overcome their painful past and find love. Regency retellings and reimaginings of Greco-Roman mythology and literature.


Lady Hester has a forbidden romance with her widowed minister.

Book 1

The Darkest Summer cover

The Duke of Blackdale is obsessed with Lady Cora.

Hades & Persephone retelling

Book 2

Darkest Sea

Lord Nicholas was lost at sea, and his wife Penelope and his son are in dire straits.

Inspired by the Odyssey

(Upcoming, rough draft complete)

Book 3

Darkest Season

The mysterious Earl of Loveborne rescues a beautiful young woman.

Psyche & Eros retelling

(Upcoming, rough draft complete)

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