Get a Limited-Time Sketched and Signed Edition!

This is awesome. Click this link to pre-order Scriptures Princesses from Books & Things and receive a SKETCHED-IN & SIGNED EDITION of the book.

Update 10/11/2015 – This promotion is now over! Thanks all who purchased a signed copy! You can still purchase Scripture Princesses at Books and Things and on other fine sites.


I’ll do a quick sketch of one of the princesses and her slogan in each book. Which princess you get will be random. If you want a specific one, you’ll have to have me sign the book in person at an event! 🙂

This limited-time offer ends October 11, 2015.

This special deal is only possible because I work in the same building as the Books and Things warehouse. 🙂 I’ll sign books as orders come in!

After this deal expires, buying from Books and Things will still be one of the fastest ways to get your book, since it’ll go from warehouse straight to you.



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