Through Summer’s Light released!

The novel is out! This is the first novel I’ve published in three years, so I’m so excited to have this one finished! It wasn’t easy to write and it needed a lot of research, but now that it’s done it’s a FUN story, y’all. I hope you read and enjoy.

There is night-time sneaking around by a heroine that takes risks and gets away with EVERYTHING, and broody/grumpy hero. 😀

Through Summer's Light, Regency romance

About the novel:

He’s dark, sardonic, and maybe, just maybe, dangerous.

Lady Florentia Ashton is fascinated by a most unsuitable older gentleman. She ignores the disapproving frowns of both society and her family to pursue him.

Silas Weir has come back from India with riches and resentment, but nothing can make him worthy of young and beautiful Lady Florentia. Her family will never accept him—he may be the grandson of an earl, but his mother was Indian, and the hardships of life have left him bitter.

Florentia is determined to get his attention. Once she has it, to what lengths will he go to have her as his own?

An age-gap sweet Regency romance with forbidden kisses.


  • Age gap, May/December romance
  • Grumpy/sunshine
  • Plus-size heroine
  • Interracial romance
  • Forbidden love
  • Sweet and wholesome clean romance
  • Just kisses

This is stand-alone romance in a series where four Ashton siblings all find love in the same year. The first book is Beneath Spring’s Rain.

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