Against Autumn’s Wind started on Vella!

The next Ashton Brides novel has started on Kindle Vella! I’m planning on updating with a new episode every week.

Vella is still only available in the US, but once the novel is complete, I will be publishing it as a regular ebook and on Kindle Unlimited. If you’re in the US and enjoy the serialized experience, I hope you’ll follow along.

He’s all grown up and still in love with her. When determined spinster Lady Cassandra accepts an invitation to a house party hosted by her brother’s best friend Major Yarrow, her only goals are to sell her horses, enjoy the hunt, and remain politely distant. But the handsome younger man who stole her first kiss years before sets out to win her affections. Can he succeed despite competition, scandal, and interfering brothers? A sweet Regency romance.

More details:

Lady Cassandra the second eldest sibling in the Ashton family and was featured in
Book 2, Through Summer’s Light.

Major Thomas Yarrow is her younger brother Daniel’s best friend who we met in
Book 1, Beneath Spring’s Rain.

The romance can be read as a standalone, and it’s a younger man/older woman romance, with an age gap of only four years this time. 😆

He’s been in love with her for years, and there will be horses, hunting, and competitions between them as he tries to win her favor.

Read now on Vella!

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