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Free Christmas Coloring Page #ChristmasJoyColoring

Last year I was asked by my local church congregation to draw a coloring page with the message ‘Serve with JOY: Jesus, Others, and Yourself.’

I haven’t drawn much in the last few years—haven’t had time—so it was wonderful to draw again.

Please download and print this coloring page for any, children and adult, who enjoy coloring.

If you’d like, use the hashtag #ChristmasJoyColoring to share your completed work. I’d love to see it.

Click to download (1.3 MB jpg)

Preorder Beneath Spring’s Rain

My next novel, Beneath Spring’s Rain, is finally ready! I’m very excited to get it to you all.

The ebook is available for pre-order now, and should be out in the next two weeks.

About the book:

Miss Eliza Moore has fallen. 

Once a pursued heiress, now she’s far worse than the poor relation—vicious rumors have caused her to be cast out onto the streets.  

Lord Daniel Ashton has been in love with Eliza since his youth. When he learns she has been ruined, he races to save her by offering his hand in marriage.

Eliza agrees to the marriage only to thwart the machinations of a lecherous villain. She doesn’t trust anyone with her heart, not even a man with kind eyes and strong arms who claims to love her beyond reason.

Will Daniel be able to help Eliza feel safe again after the betrayals of her life? Is he doomed to forever love his wife, but to never receive her love in return?

Beneath Spring’s Rain is a clean Regency romance with a threatening villain and closed-door intimacy between a married couple. Join Eliza and Daniel in their journey to happiness together.

You can PREORDER NOW on Amazon.

Beauty’s Rose Playlist

I listen to music when I’m writing my novels. Here’s my playlist for when I was writing Beauty’s Rose.

The modern songs are inspirational to the plot, or seemed to fit the characters, their emotions, or situation quite well.

The older music is featured in the novel itself. The heroine Beauty plays the John Field Nocturnes, and the hero William sings “My Love is Like a Red Red Rose” and “The Last Rose of Summer.”

You can listen to them through this Spotify playlist:

You can purchase Beauty’s Rose, a Regency Beauty and the Beast retelling, on Amazon.

Beauty’s Rose Released

I have a new Regency out!

Beauty’s Rose is a retelling of Beauty and the Beast.

You can purchase the ebook on Amazon here. It will be on sale for 99¢ for the first month, and it’s free on KU.

This is my first book to be enrolled in Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program, and it’s been exciting to watch my stats and page reads go up as people read it.

Beauty’s Rose is a part of a multi-author Regency fairy tale retelling series. You can check out the whole series here:

The Ashton Brides Series

For the last nine months, I’ve been working hard on writing four rough drafts of a new Regency romance series, the Ashton Brides.

I just finished Book 4!

Here are sneak peeks of the covers:

The Ashtons are four siblings in need of love, and they’ll all find it in the course of one year: 1817.

Beneath Spring’s Rain: Lord Jonathan Ashton discovers his childhood love is in dire straits and rushes to rescue her the only way he can: through a proposal of marriage.

Through Summer’s Light: Lady Florentia Ashton, just finishing her first Season, finds a most unsuitable older gentleman fiendishly attractive, and refuses to let the disapproving frowns of society or her family dissuade her from setting her cap at him.

Against Autumn’s Wind: Lady Cassandra Ashton, determined spinster, has no interest in men except as potential buyers for her horses, but the younger man who stole her first kiss years before has grown up be to handsome, charming, and shows every sign of being still interested.

Beyond Winter’s Snow: Frederick Ashton, Marquess of Kentworth, is loath to contract a second marriage after the first left him betrayed and embittered, but the dowry of the timid lady who proposes to him by letter would solve his financial problems.

I hope to be able to polish, beautify, and release Book 1 to readers in November 2018. Goals!


UPDATE June 2019: Still working on revising and editing this series. At the moment, I’m aiming to release book 1 in Fall of 2019.

Video interview with Rockin’ Book Reviews

Lu Ann of Rockin’ Book Reviews invited me to do my very first video interview!

Whee! and Ahh!–awesome and nerve-wracking.

I was nervous and spent forever trying to get decent lighting. Then we had connection problems for an hour, so when we finally got to the interview part, I just went for it and hoped it turned out okay.

In the interview:

  • I’m not the best babysitter
  • TV-less in Louisiana
  • The most important thing when designing book covers
  • Darkest Hour and Darkest Summer inspiration
  • Hester = Hestia
  • Info on the next book in the series, The Darkest Sea!