Alien princesses, singing super heroines, evil overlords, space ships, car chases, reluctant hitchhikers—you know the drill.

  • Science fiction with superhero cross-genre
  • Romance
  • Massive cast of characters and epic storyline planned
  • 34 pages
  • Incomplete

Creator’s Note, October 1, 2023:

Purple was my very first attempt at writing and illustrating a comic/graphic novel, with an epic storyline I developed in my early 20’s.

The storyline was too epic, and the work involved and the skills needed to create the comic pages became overwhelming. I later turned to developing shorter comics in order to improve my skill level and actually complete the planned stories.

  • Pages 1-15 of the Prologue were done in 2001, pages 16+ were done starting in 2004. You can see me progress as an artist and as a comic creator—watch me discover such nifty things as action lines.
  • Last page completed was posted January 13, 2006.

I don’t have plans at the moment to come back to this universe, but if I do, it will likely be as prose novels, and will change quite a bit, as it’s been 20 years since the initial concept.

Original “About the Comic”:

Beatrice has never been a normal girl. But she does not realize that her unusual heritage and gifts have, will, and must affect the lives of other people–peoples far more diverse then those in her home town of Houston, from places far away from her familiar Earth.

Urvasi has always known who she was and what she must do, but her imprudent drive to do it on her own terms jeopardizes not only her own happiness, but the very safety of her race.

Purple is the brainchild of Rebecca JJ, artist and wannabe storyteller. Its story and world system have been churning around in her brain for over 3 years, and have grown to epic proportions. She hopes to finish it this decade. [She did not.]

Purple characters and concept art (coming)

The Comic: