Published On: June 29, 2010

Together, p.113

One page left!
Edited the previous page (112) to make my intentions a little more clear.

3 thoughts on “Together, p.113

  1. I love how little Anton seems to be squirming around on his mother’s shoulder.

  2. That’s what babies do. They’re squirmy little critters. I think there should still be tears visible on Brin’s face, otherwise the “I’m so happy” and general fluffiness of this scene contrasts too sharply with the horror we (and they) just witnessed.

  3. I’m glad the squirming is coming across. ^_^

    Itesa – I was thinking about having her say “That was so horrible, but…” but then decided not to. I’ll be going through all the pages and polishing them up for publication soon. I may still adjust some of the dialogue.
    Some time has passed on the submarine. I never know how to show varying increments of time passing in comics. Still working on that skill.

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