Published On: June 12, 2010

Together, p.112

Edited June 29, 2010 -- Added a line to make my intentions more clear. Evidently his expression wasn't communicating as well as I hoped it would. :]

5 thoughts on “Together, p.112

  1. You might want to reword the last panel of the last page and the first panel of this page. Why would he tell them to tell other Vargisians not to try to come back if he were going to kill them?

  2. Perhaps it’s a warning to those who might think to try to fight back the Ixxians and try to retake their city. If they’re told that they will definitely be killed if they take one step in that direction, Vargisian patriots might think twice. Leastways, that’s what makes sense to me.

  3. I mean, why would he tell Miguel and Brin to pass this message along if he were just going to kill them both?

  4. Sorry, ladies! I guess the emotions that I wanted to have come across, didn’t. I’ve added a line, hopefully that clears things up. :]

  5. It does clarify things. 🙂

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