Published On: May 2, 2010

Together, p.106

More apologies for not updating on any type of schedule or regularity. Yeeg. I keep trying to fix it and it keeps not happening. -__-;

In other news - If you are located in the Utah area, I am teaching real-life art classes! Schedule, and more info here.

For those nowhere near Utah, I'll be posting my very useful class handouts in the next weeks. Be on the lookout for them. :)

2 thoughts on “Together, p.106

  1. The comic: yeeeee! I’m hoping for some kind of good surprise, like his father is held in high esteem for his efforts against the war and the Colonel will take them to him.

    The classes: AWESOME. Yay!

  2. dot dot dot….

    I have students for my classes, yay! ^_^

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