Published On: November 4, 2009

Together, p.79

Recc of the update: Oh, how I love and adore Rapunzel's Revenge by Shannon and Dean Hale, with art by Nathan Hale. Nothing can beat a magical wild-west Rapunzel who uses her long red pig-tails to lasso wild boars, defeat ruffians, and protect the innocent. LOVE IT.

4 thoughts on “Together, p.79

  1. “eep.” is right. Perfect!

    And yes, “Rapunzel’s Revenge” is awesome!

  2. Thanks!

    Yay, people reading and loving Rapunzel’s Revenge! There’s going to be a sequel, you know?

  3. There is? I thought it was definitely hinted at at the end of the book, but just because it’s hinted doesn’t mean it’ll get published. Awesome!

  4. Yeah! I went to a presentation by Shannon and her husband (who are adorable, btw) in SLC last year, and the 2nd is written and on the drawing board. XD

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