Published On: September 11, 2009

Together, p.70

8 thoughts on “Together, p.70

  1. More importantly, how are they getting across the bridge without getting spotted?

  2. It is a beautiful bridge, btw.

  3. loving the panoramic bridge. It really gives an idea of how majestic and huge the city really was before it was distroyed while at the same time reminding us of the magnitude of that distruction! lovely! PS…25 days and counting before I report to the MTC!

  4. Hey, congratulations, Liquidrice! We’ll miss you here but we know you’re doing good and will look forward to your return. ^_^

  5. Thanks so much Itesa!

  6. Thanks, ladies! The architecture, it is killing me! *dies*
    So sorry about the once-a-week thing I’ve been doing. =(

    Yay Sister Rice! Go you. XD

  7. I truly love the bridge. it is amazing. Good job on the architecture, the bridge, buildings, and everything you have designed has been pretty sweet. Can’t wait to see the submarine! I hope they see it…. ta ta tannnnnn

  8. Thanks, Ally!
    Goodness, I haven’t designed that submarine yet….yeek.

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