Published On: June 30, 2009

Together, p.54

4 thoughts on “Together, p.54

  1. Yes, yes, by all means, avoid Yun-lee’s position! Stay far, far away. Look guys, I’ve got cookies. Soldiers like cookies, right? Good, come this way… That’s right… nothing to see or do over there…

  2. hehehe…Your too funny Itesa. Hrm…I have Hot cocoa…do soldiers like that too? Come here soldies. Come here soldy-woldies. Come and get your hot cocoa….

  3. Love the way the baby senses the soldiers =)

    (it’s too cute <3)

  4. lol XD

    Magnificent Turnip – The baby spotted them, actually. Sorry if that didn’t come across. :]

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