Published On: June 2, 2009

Together, p.46

3 thoughts on “Together, p.46

  1. Why do I think this won’t have a happy ending? So much for Miguel’s plans to look for his father – the Ixxian’s in charge don’t seem to be doing much in the way of refugee aid. Holy cow, they’re seriously trying to kill every living thing on the planet? I mean, how can poison gas ONLY be affecting people? Isn’t there some kind of United Planets out there to put a stop to this?

  2. Ah, I realize I haven’t made this clear in the comic yet (note to self). This is a intra-planetary conflict, ie, these are two countries fighting each other. The nations of Vargis and Ixxia on a future, human-colonized planet are at war, and the Ixxians are trying to wipe out the Vargisians, particularly this city, which is the Vargisian capital. They aren’t threatening the entire planet, just this rival country. There are other nations on the planet. The Ixxians have their reasons, which I’ll get into later.

    I may do bittersweet, but I don’t do tragic endings. Not all questions will be answered, but this will be a story with a good, positive ending. *thumbs up* 🙂

  3. Well then the United Nations is criminally tardy or inactive. 😛 😉 Not sure, now that I think about it, why I assumed this was inter-planetary war. I guess you just don’t hear much about countries at war in sci-fi; stories tend to lean toward galactic destinies and such. You can end the story however you think it needs ending. That said, I’m glad to hear it’ll be happy. 🙂

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