Published On: May 29, 2009

Together, p.45

8 thoughts on “Together, p.45

  1. last panel…drowning in cute fluffiness….urg…*dies*

  2. PS: I love the expressions on this page. They really run through a huge range of emotions. I esp. love the first panel. That face says it all.

  3. Thanks, Mr. Rice. ^^
    btw, I finally got p.43 fixed and replied to your comment! I had forgotten to chain the fridge shut, so I’ve fixed that now. 🙂

  4. I think that last panel has to be one of the most tender and romantic scenes I’ve ever seen. Have I mentioned how much I love Miguel for being as intelligent, mature and considerate as he is?

  5. hehehe…I was just being silly. You don’t have to refer to me as male. I am female. There, no more mystery. The fridge is much better chained shut and this is still an adorable page. Can I just take Miguel for me and keep him? he’s almost perfectly my type!

  6. That last panel is way cute!

  7. ACK! We’ve been invaded! Hehe…just joking. Welcome Portal-girl.

  8. Itesa – *flails* Thank you! That is extremely high praise. ;__;

    Mizzz Rice – lol, okay. XD

    We would all like a Miguel of our very own . ^_^

    Portal-Girl – Jessica! *glomps* No, you are way cute! Thanks for visiting and commenting, chicka. 😀

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