Published On: May 22, 2009

Together, p.43

Update 05/30/2009 - altered image.

6 thoughts on “Together, p.43

  1. So he wanted to make some kind of a marker for their “graves” right? You know, death water ballons really is a really smart way to kill people. You drop a couple in all of the major cities and the country would be without any real leadership. Then you’ve got all the small town and country folks like me to rule over. I really like that there wasn’t any speech bubbles on this page. Miguel’s greif seems more poignant with out words to mess it up. You also did a pretty good job making sure that the names look rough, like they were carved and not written. By the by, you seem to have assumed that I am female…I could be male…and you wouldn’t know it. Dun dun dun dun!

  2. So, Frigidaire still exists hundreds of years into the future and on other planets? I know where to put my stock! 😉

    I agree with Liquidrice – the lack of narration and dialog is perfect and you did an excellent job with the lettering.

    It just makes me wonder… Did he put them in the fridge?

  3. hrm…that’s kind of a gross thought….but if he wanted to preserve their bodies for future burial…yuck. How dare you make me think such thoughts Itesa? hehe…just joking.

  4. What’s gross about it? Their bodies would be safe and preserved. Gross is leaving them on the floor to decompose. 😀

  5. You’re probably right…I’m just getting a picture of a dead body right next to a cheesecake or something. I don’t know…I’m silly. You’re right, refridgerating them is much smarter…which is why I’m not Miguel. We are all thankful that he is smarter then me!

  6. The Fridge–
    Yes, that is most definitely a refrigerator/freezer. But you’re right that it seems horribly gruesome if it’s a normally-openable fridge that is being used as a tomb.
    I had been thinking I ought to show that Miguel locked it shut with a padlock, but when I was actually drawing the page, I totally forgot about doing it. So, I’ve fixed that now.
    It’s chained and padlocked shut, and is meant to be a semi-permanent tomb for his family. Rest assured, he completely cleared out all food before placing them in there.

    liquidrice– Somewhere or another, I definitely got the impression that you were female. If I’m wrong, I sincerely apologize. The people in the internet circles I generally run around in are usually female.
    Since you desire to be ambiguous, from now on I shall refer to you as Mr. Rice, whether you are a Mister or not. :]

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