Published On: April 6, 2009

Together, p.30

Busy weekend. Painted page will be up tomorrow. Rough inks! Painted!

5 thoughts on “Together, p.30

  1. saddness…but then I knew something would have to happen to the husband…other wise how could she hook up with the new guy! I’m so aweful and callus. Horrible me. Great page though! I look forward to seeing it colored!

  2. I’m even more callus as the author… XD

  3. Are we just on completely opposite sides of the world? or were you online at 1 am this morning? Get some sleep girl!

  4. Love the touch of the car half-in the crater.

  5. Liquid– Yes, totally up a 1am. 🙂
    Itesa– XD

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