Published On: October 12, 2010

Lizzy and the Goblin, p.13 – End

The End!
Short and cute. :)

There is more to the story, obviously, and I will probably come back to it again someday. I want to do the prequel about Lizzy's mother and how Silvester became a changeling.

But for now, just know that Silvester spends the next few years keeping up his glamour on Lizzy's farm, as they get closer and he contemplates if he wants to try claiming his destiny as a goblin. :]

The next story starts Friday! - The Baron Family Adventures #1: Half-time! It'll be fun.

I just posted two new paintings, fanart of Avatar: the Last Airbender (which, if you haven't watched, you should, ASAP).
Check them out on devArt:







4 thoughts on “Lizzy and the Goblin, p.13 – End

  1. *claps hands* YAY!! I would love to see you come back to these two later on! I mean there’s alot that can still be told with them! Loved the story, can’t wait for the next!

  2. Is that a goblin or a tree-sprite coming out of that tree? Can’t tell with the horns, but if she is a goblin things just got REALLY interesting.

  3. Glad you like it, Cheeseygoddess!

    Ru – That’s the Green Lady, watching them leave her wood. :]

  4. I hear her in my head with the voice of Evana Lynch (aka Luna Lovegood).
    And I like how the Green Lady has antlers. xD

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