Published On: September 3, 2010

Lizzy and the Goblin, p.2

Recc o'the Update:

If you haven't seen Niroot Puttapipat--himmapaan--'s work, you need to go through his gallery right now. Exquisite, golden-age inspired illustrations: watercolor, ink, pencil, and paper-cut. They make me fall to the floor gasping. His Jane Austen illustrations alone...

3 thoughts on “Lizzy and the Goblin, p.2

  1. Heh! Cute! The expressions are brilliant! I love this strip already!

  2. LOL I love this one so far! That fourth panel I keep having her say, Well I see it’s cold out today XP kilt joke is bad..

  3. Thanks! It should be cute. ^_^

    Cheeseygoddess – *snort* Yeah. I was trying to not have it look like that, but it still looks like she’s looking up his skirt… doot-dee-doo

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