Published On: December 22, 2008

Earth-Rooted, p.21, End

2 thoughts on “Earth-Rooted, p.21, End

  1. I think he should have spun her around like he used to. But maybe the moment’s too tender for that just yet. To be honest, I feel a little left up in the air. Is he welcoming her home as a dear friend or as his long-lost love? Is she accepting his welcome as the welcome of a dear friend or of her long-lost love?

  2. *nod nod* It is up in the air. Too much has happened–different time and different experiences–for them to go right back to their teenage love. But this is the perfect place for them to start up again and rebuild an adult love. After they have talked and gotten over their first uncertainties, they’ll be able to be in love with each other again, and with nothing standing in their way. 🙂

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