Published On: October 9, 2008

Dogwood Blossoms – Chapter 4: Stories, p.01-05

Dogwood Blossoms, Chapter 4: Stories, p.01-05

Back to modern day, and OMG, a smattering of plot!

The Inuyasha manga had it's final chapter printed in Japan in June (Spoilers! in case you missed it earlier), and Dogwood is now officially AU, but not too far AU (at least for Sess/Rin, mwahahaha). Thank you, Takahashi-sensei, for such a wonderful cast of characters and fascinating mythology.

So for the Dogwood version of the final chapter, lets say Kagome and Inuyasha were separated for a year. Kagome and Inuyasha's desire for each other brings him through the well after that year, and they settle on the modern side. Inuyasha lives and helps out at the shrine, and Kagome continues her highschool schooling. A year later, Kagome has an interesting haafu American helping out in her highschool English class, and they discover that youkai and Sesshoumaru are still around, but are just better hidden then in the past.

Got it? Good. :)

Acknowledgments and Disclaimer: The fate of no one historical was changed by the making of this comic. Inuyasha-tachi belong to Takahashi Rumiko and everyone she has sold them to. This is a mostly nonprofit fan work that I’m really slowly putting too much work into because I'm a pathetic period-accuracy purist. All historical inaccuracies are the fault of myself--some deliberate, the rest out of ignorance. There is only so much time a girl can put into research for a fan project. Many thanks to the beta group for their help and suggestions.

43 thoughts on “Dogwood Blossoms – Chapter 4: Stories, p.01-05

    you updated!!
    thank youu!
    this is an amazing story and i cant wait to read it alll!!
    i actual understand! : D
    Anyway! update soon!!


  2. WOOHOO! AN UPDATE! I can’t wait to see more, I’m so in love with your story, it’s truly inspiring. 🙂

  3. Today has been SUCH a day… but a new chapter of Dogwood Blossoms brightens it so much! ^_^

    1. So glad it brightened your day! ^^

  4. kya!!! I love this story…and your drawing style!

  5. Yaaaay. So awesome. I love this 🙂

    But I’m thinking it’s SO not a good idea for her to hear all this from her son (and Kagome and Inuyasha) instead of being straight up romanced by Sesshomaru. Clearly they all expect her to marry Sesshomaru and give him even MORE kids. But she’s not going to like feeling like it’s her obligation to do it. Especially if she’s American. XD

    So why DID her son show up like that? Any kind of plot reason? Guess we’ll find out.

    God, I can’t wait until she MEETS Sesshomaru. That’s going to be fun. >:3

    1. Yep, it’s totally not a good thing! Mwahahha!
      And Shichiro showed up…mostly because he was caught watching her. He wasn’t SUPPOSED to talk to her.

      XD It’s fun stuff. 🙂

  6. Ooooo … is this a mystery villain we have here?? XD And seriously, LOL at the imp, because every time he opened his mouth I was hearing Gollum. XDDD And btw, it was awesome to catch a glimpse of the rest of the Inu-tachi, even in passing. X3

    Um, I think there’s a typo in the last speech bubble at the end of page five? Should it be, “He has a reputation for being as likely to kill you as soon as look at you”?

    1. Gollum-Imp was totally for teh LULZ, srsly. XD

      No typo, “as likely to … as look at you” is a fairly common figure of speech. Generally. 🙂

  7. that just made my otherwise mediocre day absolutely brilliant! awesome update!

  8. A fantastic job on Dogwood Blossoms as usual hon.

    It’s beautifully drawn and the story that goes with it is amazing and makes you want to know more. A true :+fav: for certain and good luck with it hon!

  9. Kagome and Inuyasha look odd. Although, I must admit I side with Rin, enough to make any girl take two steps back.

    1. A natural “da heck??” reaction. :]

      1. I would be having this huge, but what if I don’t like him vs. what if I don’t measure up thing going on there. Inuyasha and Kagome still look odd.

        1. Way much on the pressure.

          Inu and Kag – which ones, the modern or white flashback ones?

          I just noticed where my stylus slipped on p.4 and I didn’t notice it until now! Gah!

        2. Mid page three. They just look odd.

          I tried to tell myself that it was my reaction to the idea of Utah but, really, they just look odd, like a proselytizing couple each to their own sex. I’m sure that can be fixed.

        3. HA hahahhhahahahha!


          I was just trying to show conversation, and different postures.

          Hopefully that comes to no one else’s mind, cause I don’t feel like redrawing it.


        4. Well, I’m never going to like that page then.

        5. It’s probably partly the hands-raised posture. Which I would say that I can’t really see Inuyasha using. I see him more pointing accusingly at his nephew.

          Not that you’re going to redraw it. 😉

        6. Ah ah. Yeah, pointing would have been stronger. Next time!

        7. It just looked like he was caught in mid-gesture to me, as if he’d been waving his hands around trying to sketch out some battle or the other. 🙂

        8. Hah, that’s what I was trying for. 🙂

  10. yay you updated it i love this story hope you keep it comeing 🙂

  11. Yay, another update! ^_^ Hmm… I’m inclined to agree, that would all be a bit much to take in..

  12. Yay! I can’t wait to read more!

    …When do we get to see Sesshy-sama? *pout*

    1. Cool! Thanks!

      and….not for a while or very soon, however you want to count it…. *evil cackle*

  13. I love this comic so much! The art and the storyline is fantastic! (I’ve always been meaning to comment on this but for some reason never did. Weird, I know.) I can’t wait to learn more about Rin’s past lives and present. I love how you are making all the lives similar yet so completely different (if that makes any sense.) I really want to see more of the children and especially their (and Sesshoumaru’s) reaction to her not only being alive again but half American. Especially because there seems to have been QUITE the gap between this incarnation and the last. All the other ones Rin was born about 20-25 years after she died but here Catherine is born 60-65ish (how old IS Catherine?) years after the last incarnation (Or was she? Maybe Sesshoumaru missed an incarnation and she died very young). (I love how I am reiterating information you already know.)

    Out of curiousity, around how long should we expect to wait for the next update? No pressure! I am just wondering if it will be a couple months or a couple days, roughly. Because I check back quite often and am always a little sad when it isn’t updated.

    Happy drawing!

    1. Oh, thank you so much!! ^___^ I’m so glad you like it so much that you are thinking about it! ^_^ I have lots up my sleeve, plotwise. 🙂
      Catherine is 22 (I couldn’t remember and had to look it up).

      Sorry my updates are so slow. I have more coming (much more, yike), but as I’m currently jobless and jobhunting, I have to find a job before I have time to work on my fancomic. :((((

      So not before 2 weeks till the next update, at least.

      Hee, but thank you! XD

  14. Please, ma’am, may we have some more?? ^_^

    1. Gomen nasai, Itesa!! I’ve been moving around quite a bit lately, and right now I don’t even have the programs I need to work on the next section of Dogwood. I did make sure I had everything for the next comic of Moon and Star Stories done before I moved again, though. 🙂 Thank you so much for commenting over there, too! I really appreciate it. ^_^

      1. Oh, you’re moving around. Well then I’ll just try to hang in there until you’re set again. 🙂 And you’re welcome. I’m really enjoying that series too. ^_^

        1. Thank you! I hope you like the new one. It’s going to be longer (and the ending will most definitely be more definite. haha)

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