Published On: July 12, 2008

Dogwood Blossoms – Chapter 3: E-hon, p.01-10

Dogwood Blossoms, Chapter 3: E-hon, p.01-10

The text does read left to right.

Wherein I reveal the depths of my geekdom. This chapter is in the style of--and in imitation of--Japanese e-hon illustrated novels from the 1700-1800's. See the next comic entry for my full notes on e-hon. The concept most definitely came into my head because of kani-za's gorgeous Ukiyo-e Sesshoumaru and expanded as I researched Japanese historical artwork for Dogwood. I wanted to take on the challenge. It ended up being a whole lot more work than I anticipated, but I hope y'all like it.

THE MANGA: Last month, Takahashi Rumiko-sensei released the FINAL CHAPTER of the Inuyasha manga in Japan. *chorus of cheers* YAY! Most everything is tied up very nicely and neatly for our characters.

Dogwood is now officially an AU, but not THAT extreme of an AU. (mwahahah) Switch some of the decisions in the final chapter around, and you have the setup for Dogwood.

You'll notice I've given Sesshoumaru back "Meidou Zangetsuha". That's 'cause I need that power for the plot of ch.4-5. And it is a perfectly reasonable master project for Tetsumaru. I was quite annoyed when Sess "gave away" that power in the manga. :]

Stats: Book layout photomanipulated from actual e-hon book scans and paper scans, most patterns drawn by myself, a few taken from Japanese ukiyo-e prints from the 1800's. Wood grain texture by Enchantedgal-Stock.

Acknowledgments and Disclaimer: The fate of no one historical was changed by the making of this comic. Inuyasha-tachi belong to Takahashi Rumiko and everyone she has sold them to. This is a mostly nonprofit fan work that I’m really slowly putting too much work into because I'm a pathetic period-accuracy purist. All historical inaccuracies are the fault of myself--some deliberate, the rest out of ignorance. There is only so much time a girl can put into research for a fan project. Many thanks to the beta group for their help and suggestions.

52 thoughts on “Dogwood Blossoms – Chapter 3: E-hon, p.01-10

  1. :O

    1. XD

      1. c! it was tat good tat all i left was a weird face tat made it luk like someone was stripping! XD

  2. I so adore the style of this comic!

  3. Yay! So glad you continued this story. I’d been looking for the newest chapters 🙂 It’s a little awkward reading them in this layout style, but it wasn’t too hard I guess. Some people might have trouble loading such a huge picture on their computers though.

    But the art is pretty and I love the backgrounds 🙂

    1. Horizontal scroll! I hope it isn’t too awkward.

      Thanks! ^_^

  4. I’m adoring these pages, those it’s a bit hard for me to read. The classical style is very cool.

    1. Thanks!
      Is it hard to read because the wide pages make you scroll horizontally, or is it because the text is too small?

      1. Nah, neither. I just got confused to which direction I was supposed to be reading. ^^;

        1. Ah, yeah, I was wondering if I should put a “left to right” disclaimer. The first pages are misleading. 🙂

        2. That’s about it, though. x3;

  5. very well thought out. worth the wait. u explained why shessy let his son learn the skill. 🙂

    amazing job~

  6. You are the most incredible artist. :heart:

    I’ve not yet even downloaded it and I’m reeling. This is the most beautiful thing. It’s so, so authentic and yet all its own in the style at the same time. THIS is what draws me to InuYasha as a series, the historical fairytale element that I’d wish they’d kept more of.

    Utterly phenomenal. :glomp: You do the western fandom proud, girl! =D

  7. I am so impressed! Doing it this way is an awesome idea and you executed it wonderfully! ^_^

  8. WHY ARE YOU SO AWESOME?! Dude, these are amazing. AMAZING! I love it to tiny little pieces.

    Everything is just perfect, the tone and the art and the execution are just brilliant. LOVE IT.

    1. Hee! The Cute Queen likes it!! XDD
      Thank you. 🙂

  9. =D It’s like watching a Noh drama! *bounces*

    The faces and the poses are so authentic.

    And for a second there I mistook Hiken for Shippo. XD Do I detect a bit of Shiba Inu in his design? =D

    Sesshomaru’s two swords are . . . Tenseiga and Bakusaiga, is that right?

    1. XD

      Shiba Inu all the way. The actual Japanese dog breeds are so pretty. 😮

      Tenseiga and Bakusaiga, yep.

  10. Loves it!! The traditional Japanese style very beautiful!! I am really enjoying this!

  11. I’ve been reading and enjoying your Dogwood pages for a while now, but this is my aboslute favorite section. The E-hon format is brilliant and I love seeing your style take on that classical Japanese influence (text as well as art).

    1. Thank you so much! And I’m so glad that you’ve been enjoying it. ^___^

      The text is more my immitation of classical English styles, because I never got around to studying old Japanese text translations for this. heheheh ^_^;;

  12. LOL Oh man you are SOO awesome to do it in this style!! ANd I REAAAAALLY love the family background!! Fire dogs, awesome LOL

  13. Kowtows!
    This is really really fabulous.
    I greatly enjoyed it and shall go on to read the rest – yay tho I really should go to sleep.
    I greatly admire how you have brought different styles into this doujinshi rather than attempting to mimic Takahashi-sensei’s style or a generic manga format.
    If you ever print a copies may I send you the postage and materials cost to procure one for myself?

    1. Oh, thank you! ^____^
      I’m so glad you like it. 🙂

      I’m not sure how I would print this one (esp. this chapter that is built to look like scans of a book), but if I do, I’ll let you know! 🙂

  14. You’ve achieved the style so well! The art and the way it is presented is gorgeous! The text is a bit small to read comfortably though, at least for those of us with bad eyesight over a certain age, and when I saved the picture and then viewed it slightly enlarged in Windows Photo Gallery the text went a little blurry. Would it be possible in future to post these at a little higher resolution, even if it meant breaking it down into fewer pages per post?

  15. Sorry, I found the instruction to click on download after I posted. I still can’t read some of the names next to the pictures but I think that’s the font + being vertical + me being mildly dyslexic more than the size. I can figure it out with the help of the list of names on the last page.

    I forgot to say that my favorite panel is the one of Sess looking up on page 7.

    1. Glad you found it!
      Yeah, the vertical names are difficult.

      Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed looking at it. (once it was big enough) ;):)

  16. Wow! Just…wow!
    I love the style you used for this! This was incredibly fun to read. I must look at more of your art. Such a great fan-comic~:rose:

  17. :w00t::w00t::w00t::w00t::w00t::w00t::w00t::w00t::w00t::w00t:

    I loved it enough to :+fav: it and it is quite breathe-taking in all its historical Japanese mythology. :hug:=D

  18. this is marvelous… you are weird xD such an excellent idea!

    1. Hahhah, yeah I’m weird. I’m glad you are enjoying it! 🙂

      1. I AM! xD i read the whole story! i looooved it!!!

  19. The varying displays for the chapters that I’ve seen so far are quite amazing! Not only are you involving the original artworks of the culture, but fashioning them in a manner of great storytelling. This is so very interesting to read, and I’m enjoying the creative pictures along the way.
    I honestly captivated by your depictions of your inventions

  20. I love how you adopted the e-hon style. It’s so gorgeous and very authentically historical-looking. :]

  21. love the styles you have <3

  22. I thought I couldn’t be anymore impressed. But this… :clap::heart:

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