Published On: January 28, 2008

Dogwood Blossoms – Chapter 2: Yamaboushi, p.17-23

Dogwood Blossoms, Chapter 2: Yamaboushi, p.17-23

I hope you enjoyed the story of Suzu! Chapter 3 will be about the family occupation (or preoccupation, as it were) -- weapons.

Stats: Patterns made by myself or from masterjinn, and ALP-Stock. Aging textures I cobbled from all over.

Acknowledgments and Disclaimer: The fate of no one historical was changed by the making of this comic. Inuyasha-tachi belong to Takahashi Rumiko and everyone she has sold them to. This is a mostly nonprofit fan work that I’m really slowly putting too much work into because I'm a pathetic period-accuracy purist. All historical inaccuracies are the fault of myself--some deliberate, the rest out of ignorance. There is only so much time a girl can put into research for a fan project. Many thanks to the beta group for their help and suggestions.

97 thoughts on “Dogwood Blossoms – Chapter 2: Yamaboushi, p.17-23

  1. This story has been so beautiful and so sad – lovely artwork.

  2. Beautiful and wonderful details. Love it!

  3. Oh, wow. This is so beautiful. The colors and the details are simply amazing…

  4. YAYYY!!!
    Love It!!!
    A Very Lovely Chapter, and and everythings so perfect!
    cant wait to know more of the story!!
    Thank you and update soon!
    From a fan

  5. Love it 😀 can’t wait until your posts continue! i think your story may have just gained a stalker 😉

  6. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! I always get so excited when I see that you’ve updated Dogwood. Your artwork is lovely and the story is interesting and touching. The panel where Suzu says “Yes” is especially well done.

    I’m looking forward to your next update.

    1. Aw, thank you. ^__^
      I’m glad you enjoy it. 🙂

  7. Seriously, I love this story. Like, LOOOOOVE. :hump:

    But my favorite thing? That you change the names of the incarnations. They’re always “Rin”, but they wouldn’t naturally be.

    Please continue to update! I really enjoy the story!

    1. Thank you so much! And I will. 🙂

    I was so excited to see that you had updated and read it as soon as I saw it! Wonderful pages! Beautiful art! Like always, I’ll be waiting patiently for another update. 🙂

  9. your art is so lovely….^^ I WANT MOAR!!

  10. Awesome as always! Sesshoumaru’s cheekbones are wicked. ^_^

  11. So pretty! I’m always amazed by the texture and details and the COLORS!

  12. Beautiful. 😀

    I really like the unfocused background!

  13. Oh, I LOVE the painterly background… all those petals and blossoms! Beautiful colour!

    The panel at the bottom of page 21 is my favourite, hands down. It’s a difficult angle to capture, that tilt of the head, and you did a marvelous job.

    1. Thank you! ^___^
      (That hand. It drove me nuts!)

  14. Ohh! That is SUCH a beautiful “episode”…installment…whatever. ^__^ Seriously, every single frame is incredibly lovely. The “full page” of Sesshoumaru inhaling her scent is simply gorgeous.

    Love love love. 🙂 You should have made this your Valentine’s Day entry…it’s so full of love!

    1. Aw, thank you! ^__^
      So glad you like it. 🙂

  15. Oh! I feel I have to mention…I collect antique Nihon-to & have a daisho pair from mid-late 1400’s, as well as a 16th century yari. All these are in period koshirae. If you want some really good pictures of blades, hamon, tsuba, tsuka, etc…, just let me know. For the “weapons” chapter. ^_^

    1. Oh, you awesome.

      I’d really love great pictures, and useful links too.
      (Cause I really ought to be creating weapons and interesting attacks for the entire family, but I don’t want to! I don’t think I’m really creative in the ‘attack’ department.) 0.o

      1. Well, I found this in my LJ archives…very old entry documenting the 14th century wakizashi & all the restoration work I did.

        I never did do another of these because it took forever & frankly, I don’t think anyone was very interested anyway. ^_^ BUT! I do need to take new pics of all my other pieces. I’ll get on that & get the info to you.

        At any rate, this entry has pics of everything all taken apart (which is something I LOVE to do; disassemble & clean everything, & then put it back together)plus it’ll give you an idea of terms & what swords from the feudal era are supposed to really look like.

        1. Rockingness! Thanks, Meri. Those will be helpful. 🙂

      2. Just come up with some creative, poetic adjectives and nouns to string together. ~_^

        1. lul. A bit of violence, a color maybe, and an noun of some sort, and there yah go.
          I wonder if there is a random generator for this kind of thing?…there probably is. XD

  16. I really love reading this REALLY GORGEOUS Fan manga of yours, and your art style is really well-suited to it. I love your take on Sessho-Maru & the ending is my :+fav: part. :hug:=D:floating:;p
    I think that you really should put it together like a manga whenever you finish it & I’d love to add it to my ever-growing manga collection. *Happily dreaming look.*

    1. Aw, thank you, lovely Lady. ^_^

      I was thinking of printing this chapter out, doujinshi style, and offering it, but then I’d have to ask permission of all the stock artists I used, so maybe I won’t. o.0;

      1. Hee, ’tis a pleasure, my friend. ^_^

        I think that you should print all of the chapters out in doujishi manga-style, and just ask for the permission of of the stock artists that u used. I’m sure that they’d be thrilled to get exposure for their artwork & u too. :hug:

  17. I really should’ve commented on every page of this. It’s so beautifully drawn and mapped out. But the best part is the story. The story is so wonderful! Please continue soon!

    1. Thank you so much! I’m so glad you are enjoying. ^^

  18. Awww so sweet! Are we going to go back to modern Rin now?

    1. XD Thanks!
      We’ll go back to her in Ch.4. But Ch.3 is going to be short, so it shouldn’t be to long. 🙂

  19. Beautiful
    my favourite part – when Suzu is asking if he will take her with him – I love her expression on that panel 🙂

  20. Beautiful in so many ways… There’s something almost magical about the moment he breathes in her scent :love:

  21. *SQUEALS* YEAY~ the wait was SOOOOO worth it <3. the background looks gorgeous, bet it took forever ne?

    1. Aw, thanks! ^^

      YES they took forever. The rest of the comic will not be in color, I assure you. 🙂

      1. but they were so purty T^T

        lol, as long as they come out soon i’ll be happy

  22. Beautiful work!!!! *squeeeee!!!!* ^_^ i luv the part where he sniffs her lol

  23. Ohmigaaaaaaaaaaawwwd . . . *drooling all over the keyboard*

    How utterly gorgeous! Man, you never disappoint, do you? What a beautiful piece. I love the fairytale tone you keep in dealing with the past incarnations of Rin, it helps to engage the past without losing sight of what’s about to take place in the present. ^_^

    1. Thanks! XDD
      I’m very glad you like it. ^__^

  24. Hi, I first commented on your LJ but I’m gonna do it from here now. 🙂 This was beautiful, poignant and shorter than I was expecting. This is not a bad thing — I’m glad you didn’t drag it out. For stories like this, simple says so much more than elaborate.

    1. Thank you! I wanted Suzu’s story to be sweet, gentle, and easy. Other stories will be more difficult. XD ^_^

  25. Beautiful! Absolutely lovely! Great work! 😀

  26. I just came across this and I have to say that I love this comic, not only are the details amazing but the storyline is beautiful! Keep up the good work 😀

    1. Thank you!
      I’m so glad you are enjoying it. 🙂

  27. Oh my gooooood, I need to read more of it! 😀

    AMAZING doujinshi, THANK YOU TANK YOU SOOOO MUCH for making it! I cant wait for the next page!!!

    1. You are so welcome! Yay! ^__^
      I’m so glad a dedicated shipper likes it. 🙂

  28. i love how he’s taking in her scent. <3

    1. Hee. ^__^

      1. It’s just fabulous….though i dunno if I’d like it if a boy sniffed me but the thought counts!

        1. Only if he was a gorgeous dog-demon. 🙂

        2. Excuse me while I drool at that thought….<3

  29. Update soon please? I will die, if you dont update soon. I live for the journey of sesshomaru’s love life! Do not fail me!! Also this is a very pretty comic. Even if I dont particularly care for this style of artwork, I do apreciate a good sesshomaru romance. Oh sesshy is such a cuty!

    1. lulz, thanks CrystalM. :]
      I’m still drawing the next section, so it’ll be a bit! 🙂

  30. Oh wow… This is so beautiful I forgot not to like Sess/Rin! I cannot WAIT for the next chapter!

    1. Aw thanks!
      (We SHALL convert you! mwahahaha.) 😉

  31. Please! Please! Please! I want to see some Sesshoumaru & Inu-hana interaction!

    1. Aw, I’m sorry, I don’t think I have a single bit of Sess&Hana interaction in the story! 🙁
      But I’m glad you like her!
      She will show up again, at least. 🙂

  32. p.s. That ultramarine blue robe really suits him (blushes)

  33. Aww, this is so cute! I love your style! Great job.

  34. I love the way you draw Rin she looks absolutely stunning!:thumb75858735:

    And your a Ses/Rin fan YAY!!!!

    I dont know if you like Ses/Kag but quite frankly i loath that coupling very much! :thumb75858735: :thumb75858735:

    1. Thank you! ^_^

      I’m not a big Sess/Kag fan either. I’ve read a few excellent fic, but generally you have to destroy Inuyasha in some way to get Kag over with Sess, and I don’t like that. Sess already has a sweet and fabulous female with him as it is. 😉

  35. Sniffle…. **glomps purplerebecca for creating such a wonderful story**

  36. Another great chapter! I held off on reading it as long as I could to make the wait for the next one shorter.

    1. Thanks!!
      (oh, I feel bad, cause the next chapter is definitely delayed…I’ve got work and a print project interfering. It will be up eventually!)

      1. Work has to come first. Take your time. It will be worth the wait.

  37. Such a beautiful tale!!

  38. Beautifully illustrated and wonderfully written : )

    Umm…one thing though, since you’re such a stickler for detail, Sesshoumaru is missing the stripes on his wrists, [link]

    I mean, it’s not like it’s in anyway crucial, but I thought I’d point it out anyway. ^_^’ *ducks and hides*

  39. i’m seriously loving this art!!!!
    <3 <3 <3

  40. i like how he inhales her scent & then grabs her hand & runs for it! hehe!!!

  41. This is really great. I loved this part the most!! I really like how Sesshoumaru reacted… KYAAA!!! Love him!!! :la::D

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