Published On: February 5, 2007

Dogwood Blossoms – Chapter 1: Catherine, p.12-16

Dogwood Blossoms, Sess/Rin fancomic, end of Chapter 1.

There you have it! The basic premise. Next chapter: jump back in time, and Sesshoumaru actually appears.

Note: Seiken = "West Dog", using the kanji for 'west' and 'dog'.

Dogwood Blossoms is going to be a part-comic/part-prose Inuyasha manga-based fanfiction focusing on Sesshoumaru/Rin, and involving reincarnation, flashbacks, history, culture clashes, and multiple original characters. Sesshoumaru does not appear in the first chapter.

If you dislike fanfiction, fancomics, anime, Inuyasha, Sesshoumaru, Sess/Rin, or OCs, PLEASE IGNORE anything marked DOGWOOD in my postings from now on.

If you're okay with any of those, please do check it out, I think it going to be pretty cool. XD

Acknowledgments and Disclaimer: The fate of no one historical was changed by the making of this comic. Inuyasha-tachi belong to Takahashi Rumiko and everyone she has sold them to. This is a mostly nonprofit fan work that I’m really slowly putting too much work into because I'm a pathetic period-accuracy purist. All historical inaccuracies are the fault of myself--some deliberate, the rest out of ignorance. There is only so much time a girl can put into research for a fan project. Many thanks to the beta group for their help and suggestions.

Textures used this time gotten variably from here and here.

61 thoughts on “Dogwood Blossoms – Chapter 1: Catherine, p.12-16

  1. Oh my. The look on Shinchiro’s face in that last panel gives me a funny little flippity-flop in the pit of my stomach. Very expressive.

    Well told thus far! My compliments,


  2. Aw, a jump back in time? *was looking forward to Catherine’s response*

    That last panel is such a cliffhanger.

    Hee. Four different mothers? All the same person? Come on, Inuyasha and Kagome, take a guess!! 😀

    1. Yeah, I’m evil. We don’t get her response for another 2 chapters…. heh heh.

      It’s generally “WTFBBQ!Whatareyoutalkingabout?!”, initially.

  3. Awww! Another wonderful installment! Like Forth, I love Shinchiro’s face in the last two panels. I can’t wait for the next one. ^.^

  4. ^_^

    Hehe, surprise! Didn’t know you had FIFTEEN kids, did you?

    1. Re: ^_^

      “WTF! What are you people talking about?!”

      It would be rather disconcerting, yeah?

      1. Re: ^_^

        Question! Are you suggesting that Sesshoumaru is more powerful than his father was? Since Shinchiro says that all powerful youkai are able to mask their yoki and both he and Inuyasha are inu-hanyou, I would think that they’d both have that ability or both lack it… 🙂

        1. Re: ^_^

          More that it is a skill that can be learned if you’re powerful enough. A magic skill that Inuyasha will be able to develop as soon as he is shown the trick to it. Eventually, he’ll be able to hold it in on his own. (hehheh)
          Youkai that wanted to survive in these later days of major human population density had to learn the trick or get magic help from a talisman like Shichiro’s. At least in my storyline. 🙂

        2. Re: ^_^

          Okay, that makes sense! Thanks!

  5. Awww… this was an excellent update! Shichiro is so hot, especially in that last panel. The plot thickens! I love where this was going, and the quality of these panels were very clean. Great job!

  6. HOLY FREAKING AWESOME! Moooooooooooore! GIVE ME MOoooooooooooooooooooore! XXXXXXXXD

    1. lol, glad you like it! ^^

      There’ll be more in about 2 weeks.

      1. Oh god! *dies from waiting*

  7. Those two final frames of Shichiro’s expression do it for me again, and the reverse-ghosting of ‘Rin’s face in the end frame is completely ‘wow’.

    Inu’s “15? 15!” really made me giggle. ‘Course, we’re assuming he hasn’t ‘got lucky’ with Kagome as of yet, so no wonder he’s drooping somewhat…

    1. Kogarashi suggested the watermark ‘Rin, and it worked really well. Yay for wonderful beta people!

      Lol, I was thinking he was drooping because his brother had treated him terribly for years because of he was a hanyou, and then bro goes and has 15 of his own while Inu wasn’t looking. Poor Inu.
      But maybe it’s the other reason too. 😉

      1. *grin* You, above all people, know that I’m an unapologetic hentai (I put those lemon fluff alerts in ‘TL’s A/N just for you, ya know). I knew the ’15? 15!’ referred to Inu’s reaction to finding out that Sess obviously did a 180 on his opinion of humans and hanyous… couldn’t resist pulling your leg a bit.

        1. Ahhah, kay. Aw, I’d didn’t realize those were just for me! ^__^ Thank you so much, I really do appreciate the warnings. (course, I also just generally assume there will be some and go from there…. 😉 But yes, thank you. 🙂

  8. Oh! Oh oh oh! *dies* I LOVE That Shichiro has a tail, and I love the look on his face in the last two panels OMG!! *squee*

    And I LOVE where the story is going, such a cool cool idea. Sesshoumaru keeps finding Rin’s soul…how completely adorable and touching. This is all so much fun! *bouncebounce*

    Holy crap I can’t wait to see your Sesshoumaru.

    This is just something funny that I do, by the way, because almost all the graphic books I read are manga…I keep going to the right panel first! lol. *twinkie*

    Keep up the AWESOME work. 🙂

    1. Heeee! Thank you so much! ^___^
      I’m so glad you like the idea. I like the idea so much I’m doing a comic about it. XD (I really just wanted to read some fanfic with this concept, but I couldn’t find any! So I had to write it myself. heh. And then it grew.)

      Sesshoumaru is hard. o.o TOO pretty is hard to do with any form of realism (I try to do stuff closer to realism, whether successful or not). I’m nervous about him, but I’ll do my best!

      Right to left: The real problem is when I draw it right to left! Eyeah…all the compositions have to be the opposite…

  9. Looking good!

    1. ^^b

      The watermark worked well, thanks so much for the suggestion!

  10. I don’t actually follow Inuyasha but I’m liking this. And Shichiro is very hot in his natural form. 😉

    1. heheh, thanks! It may get confusing.

  11. Ah! I love this so much! I can’t wait to see what else you have in store for the next chapter!

    The character designs totally rock. Shichiro is very hot, in both forms. (And I’m still in love with your take on Inu and Kag.)

    Those last three panels of Rin and the last two of Shichiro are really tugging on my heartstrings. You really got their thoughts and feelings across without any words.

    Can’t wait for more! This is already so awesome. How long of a story are you planning?

    1. Hee!!! ^___^ Thank you so much! *bounces around* XXD

      I’ve got 5 chapters scripted out, a few more than that to finish the plot I have outlined, and then a few others to get the romance to where it should be. So… at least 10 chapters, probably more by the time it’s done. All of which will be….a lot of work. oy…

      *buckles down*

  12. You certianly didn’t disappoint with this! I love it and can’t wait for the next installment!

  13. Wow, Sesshoumaru has been busy! Hee, I can’t wait to see Catherine’s feelings on her apparently huge hoard of kids. XD

    I love how Shichiro looks! He’s got a tail. awww

    1. XD
      It’s a “WTFWhatareyoupeopletalkingabout?!” reaction. heehee

      1. A perfectly reasonable reaction. 😀

  14. LOL!! OMG! I just love the expressions! Rin’s mostly! LOL I mostly love her Waaaaaaaaah? Expressions LOL Seiken is pretty hot LOL And he has a TAAAILL! *goes all fan girl and squuuueee*

    1. Thank you so much! ^^ heehee

  15. Most excellent. That’s the best description there is.

  16. Oh My!! Your Style is really a bit uncommon, but I just love the way you go with that story, its so awesome!!

    The Characters are developed so well and the setting is great and the storyline… just unusual and cool!

    I really like it and hope you´ll update soon!!

    1. So glad you’re liking the story! Thanks. ^_^

  17. WHEEEEE! It just keeps getting better!

    Can I just say the third panel on page one made me giggle so much. They’re both totally O.o That expression just says so much more than words ever could about this situation. XD

    *points to self* Shichiro-fangirl, right here! =D Spawn of the Hottest Bishie of Them All, and quite the bishie himself!

    Oooh! Can’t WAIT to see Sesshomaru! Hey, are we gonna see any more of his litter??

    The second panel on page fifteen made my heart hurt. Just look at poor Inu! I imagine he might be feeling a little hurt . . . Sesshomaru belittled him all his life for being Hanyou, and then he goes and sires 15 of ’em? Ouch . . .

    1. Yay! I’m glad you like Shichiro. 🙂

      We will definitely be seeing more of the kids. Not all of them, but probably more of them then is advisable. They’re all fun. :}

      Poor Inu! *pats him*

  18. i love the tail! very nice… looking forward to more.

  19. You’ve got me really excited for this, but I can’t help but think that the last panel makes Miss Mizuki look like Pocahontas from the Disney movie of the same name. I don’t know what it is. But still, interesting concept, please continue. ^_^

    1. You’re right, she does. Give a woman cheekbones, a jawline, and some lips…

      I’m glad you’re excited! Thank you! ^^

  20. Heh, missed one.

    Another beautiful set.

  21. Wow, I love how you do their expressions! :worship:

  22. wow 15 ^_^ i love it

  23. I’m really adoring this thus far. It’s so unique compared to most InuYasha fanfiction, and I adore how you worked it all in together without it sounding ridiculous. :nod:

    For some reason, I just cannot get over Shichiro in general. He seems to be a bit cocky, but not overly so. (But, a question-would he be referred to as Shichiro or as Seiken?)

    1. Thanks! I’m so glad you are enjoying it. ^__^

      Well, it would be Seiken-san if you want to be polite, but because we are all friends here, we’ll call him Shichiro. 🙂
      (Chiro-chan!! lol)

  24. I truly love the portrayal of emotion of Seiken in before he says “she is our mother”,
    tender moment.

  25. I love the expressions on Shichiro’s face in the last 2 panels, especially the 3rd to last. His expression is totally lost-child-who-wants-his-mom face.

    Well at least all of Sesshoumaru’s children are adult to date, though I doubt his sense of humor would have him asking Inuyasha to babysit. X3

  26. GASP!

    (in deep voice) lady…(breaths heavily) u. r. our mother…(breaths heavily)

  27. Holy… I was just thinking about the three stripes tattoo a few nights ago! I was hoping to draw it up as one of Sess’ children, but seeing you do it, I’m satisfied. Shichiro seems to have a nice and cool character style.

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