Published On: January 25, 2011

Baron Family Adventures #1: Half-time, p.21

5 thoughts on “Baron Family Adventures #1: Half-time, p.21

  1. Oh dear….

  2. …is this where the ‘involuntary transformations’ thing really comes in, then? (Also, is he a balrog? Please tell me he’s a balrog somehow! (Okay, really, I just think that would be awesome so feel free to ignore me there)).

    These twins are quite diabolical in unexpected ways…

  3. You girls do realized you pulled that right in front of your mother, right? Hammer on its way down!

  4. Chama – Not a balrog…and not a demon. Hope you like him anyway! 😉

  5. I still like him anyhow! Too bad on the balrog part, of course, but what he is is still amazing. =p

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