New site, everything moved over

All my comics and sequential art have been moved over to be under my main hosting site on, with a new site theme and comic manager.

My adorable husband even moved over a lot of the comments from the various places my comics were previously posted, because he’s a completionist like that.

Reading through all the comics I created a decade later has been enlightening. There are some fun stories here! I hope a few new audiences will find them and enjoy them.

I tried to clearly mark the ones that aren’t complete.

I miss comics, but they take a LOT of work, and I’m currently working on writing prose novels. If I bounce around too much, I get nothing done.

Enjoy the stories!

Email Subscriptions now available

You can now sign up to receive each new comic page directly in your email inbox. If you ‘allow images’ in your email client, you’ll be able to read the comic right there!

You’ll also get the occasional comic blog post, but as I don’t do those very often, and they’re mostly announcements like this one, I shouldn’t spam you too badly. 🙂

I’m managing it through Google’s Feedburner, so hopefully it will work prettily.

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Three Completed Stories

There are three completed stories on the site now, each with it’s own genre subject and style. Yay! ‘Lizzy and the Goblin’ is complete at 13 pages, and ‘Together’ at 114.

The next story is ‘The Baron Family Adventures #1: Half-time,’ and will be the start of my first on-going episodic series. I’ll do a Baron Family centered story, and then a totally different short-story, and then another Baron Adventure.

The Baron Family Adventures will deal with high school woes, pesky siblings, wacky fathers, dolphins, and oh yeah, magic. And involuntary transformations. It’ll be fun. ^_^

On Hiatus until September 1, 2010

A new story will begin September 1st! Since the last two were sober sci-fis, the next two stories will be light-hearted fantasies.


Lizzy and the Goblin – Where Lizzy encounters a goblin in the wood.
The Baron Family Adventures #1 – Where Alcey’s crazy family makes high school that much harder on her.

Please return in September! Or, if you haven’t read them yet, read Earth-Rooted, and Together, the sober sci-fis, which are both complete. ^__^

Update Schedule Change!

The great news is I have a job! Yay! Two, actually.

And I have Thursdays off. So to make life easier on myself, I’m changing the update schedule from a page every Monday and Thursday, to a page every Tuesday and Friday.

It will smooth some things in my life up a bit. I hope it doesn’t inconvenience anyone too much.

I hope y’all have been enjoying “Together”. Page 40 will be up on Tuesday (May 12, 2009). :]

Hard-drive Failure

If you notice a sudden difference in text and speech-bubble quality on Together, p12 and on, it’s because my hard-drive crashed on Monday, Jan 26. I am currently working to recover all of my files, but it’s possible I’ve lost about a year’s worth of artwork and comics because I wasn’t diligent about backing everything up. *cries*

But I only lost one page of Together that had already been completed–p12–and I have now reconstructed it. My techy brother gave me this wonderful Linux Ubuntu OS cd that can run your computer on only it’s cd drive and RAM. It has The GIMP, so I’m teaching myself how to use it very quickly and awkwardly. With my working files saved on a flash drive, I’m able to letter the comic pretty decently. There should be no interruption in the comic at all, though the text and bubbles just won’t be as pretty as I was able to make them in InDesign. 🙁

And, yes, general reminder to everyone to BACK UP YOUR HARDDRIVE so when your HD suddenly decides to DIE you won’t be quite as devastated as I was. geh.

Starting things off

Welcome to Moon and Star Stories!! This site will be a repository of all-original comics, each with a science fiction or fantasy bent, and a liberal smattering of romance. I plan to be consistent in posting 2 pages a week, a page every Monday and Thursday.

The first story is ‘Earth-Rooted’, a sci-fi romance in 21 pages.

I’ve already begun penciling the second story, which will be a romantic sci-fi set in a war-torn city. I have four additional stories outlined as well, with preliminary character designs, so please keep checking back!

I hope you enjoy my stories. Comments are currently open to all, and appreciated. 🙂