Hard-drive Failure

If you notice a sudden difference in text and speech-bubble quality on Together, p12 and on, it’s because my hard-drive crashed on Monday, Jan 26. I am currently working to recover all of my files, but it’s possible I’ve lost about a year’s worth of artwork and comics because I wasn’t diligent about backing everything up. *cries*

But I only lost one page of Together that had already been completed–p12–and I have now reconstructed it. My techy brother gave me this wonderful Linux Ubuntu OS cd that can run your computer on only it’s cd drive and RAM. It has The GIMP, so I’m teaching myself how to use it very quickly and awkwardly. With my working files saved on a flash drive, I’m able to letter the comic pretty decently. There should be no interruption in the comic at all, though the text and bubbles just won’t be as pretty as I was able to make them in InDesign. 🙁

And, yes, general reminder to everyone to BACK UP YOUR HARDDRIVE so when your HD suddenly decides to DIE you won’t be quite as devastated as I was. geh.

2 thoughts on “Hard-drive Failure

  1. Weird. I thought I’d said something when this happened. Sorry to hear about the crash. How much were you able to salvage?

  2. I still haven’t forked over any money to get my files recovered, so nothing yet. But I’m hoping, when I get around to it… 🙂

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