Embroidered Painting: Hippocampus

A postcard-sized hippocampus.


Free motion machine embroidery and watercolor on canvas, 6 in x 4 in

This original piece of art is available for sale! Purchase here on etsy.

Some step-by-steps:


On watercolor canvas, I tape off the area I will be working on. Sadly, the tape doesn’t keep the watercolor contained very well on watercolor canvas, but it does at least mark my work area.

I then have fun with the watercolor, trying different colors and effects. On this one I used plastic wrap.

Once dry, I transfer the outline of the image I’ve planned for the area with a light table. The image shines though… mostly. Better than with illustration board, for sure.

I cut a sheet of permanent stabilizer meant for machine embroidery, and pin it to the back of my canvas. I used a mid-weight permanent cut-away stabilizer. I’ll have to do more experimenting on weights, as I did get some rippling in the canvas on some of my more heavily embroidered pieces.

Next step, embroidering!


More photos of the finished piece:




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