Regency Romance

by Rebecca J. Greenwood

Through Summer's Light, Regency romance
The Darkest Summer cover

Sweet romance that goes into the dark and comes out into the light.

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Lady Hester must keep her secret: she’s in love with her widowed minister.

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Novel Playlist: Through Summer’s Light

Not all my novels will have inspirational playlists, but this one does. I love these songs and they fit the main characters Florentia and Silas well—both their worldviews, and their journeys. Character Songs: Florentia is all ‘Happy love!’, ‘I’ll support you!’ vibes, and Silas is all passion, old pain, and conflict. Dandelions. Ruth B. –…

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Through Summer’s Light released!

The novel is out! This is the first novel I’ve published in three years, so I’m so excited to have this one finished! It wasn’t easy to write and it needed a lot of research, but now that it’s done it’s a FUN story, y’all. I hope you read and enjoy. There is night-time sneaking…

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Ashton Brides Bk. 2 is on Vella!

I’m publishing Ashton Brides Bk. 2, Through Summer’s Light, on Kindle Vella first! New episodes/chapters post weekly. Once it’s complete, I’ll publish it as a regular novel. But if you’d like to read as it first goes live, check it out on Vella! Episode 18 just posted. The first three episodes are free. Through Summer’s…

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About Rebecca

Rebecca J. Greenwood writes sweet Regency romance.

She also wrote and illustrated the Scripture Princesses series, several comics, and is a multi-media artist and graphic designer.